Massages & Body treatments

Booking of a treatment from 50,00 € includes free use of the sauna.


Fit & Free

Classic massages

Designed to release tensions and to generally strengthen muscles tired from stress, exertion and sport – performed using exquisite natural oils. After the massage, your muscles will feel powerful and relaxed again.

  • Full body massage - 65,00 €
    approx. 50 min.
  • Part body massage - 35,00 €
    approx. 25 min.

Hot Stone Treatment

A holistic energetic treatment using hot lava stones. Tensions will be relieved and your batteries recharged. For extreme well-being. The stones release energy to your body, so that you will feel fully re-energised after the treatment.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 50 min. - 69,00 €

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage

Abhyanga the queen of oil massages combined with the Garshan massage (silk glove) gently detoxifies your whole body and leads you to inner peace.


Treatment time:

  • 80 min. - 95,00 €
    with Pharmos Natur "Königsöl"

Magic Feeling

Back massage with aromatic oils

A foot bath followed by gentle, flowing treatment of the back, head, arms and hands, performed using wonderfully fragrant oils to relax the body and mind. A treatment that will linger on as if your body is humming.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 35 min. - 39,00 €

Sea salt oil massage

This special massage is both: energizing for your body and gentle to your soul. The gentle rhythmic massage strokes promote blood circulation, are purifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. A blessing for the body and mind.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 35 min. - 42,00 €

Chill Time – Sheer Relaxation

Full body massage with aromatic oils

This begins with a foot bath to settle you down. Gentle, harmonious massage techniques, complemented with calming plant-based oils, will rebalance your body and soul. Clogged energies become unblocked, inner balance begins to be felt. For deep relaxation after a particularly stressful day. Your entire body will become flooded with a feeling of lightness.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 75 min. - 79,00 €

Hammam Soap Foam Massage

The body care ritual form the Orient

This treatment focuses not only on the cleansing of your body, but also on taking care of your soul and spirit.

Everyday sorrows are just massaged away. Warm soap foam, relaxing massage techniques and a pleasant atmosphere will help you let go. In addition your skin will be pampered with a silk glove exfoliation, water jets and warm oils.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 60 min. - 65,00 €