Pharmos Nature

Green Luxury 100% Active Cosmetics


With PHARMOS NATURE, you will experience the unique regenerative effect of selected and adaptogen medicinal & rejuvenating plants on your skin.

Their powerful active agents, their intense light energy and their high oscillation are contained:

in high-quality care products – with pure aloe vera instead of water – without alcohol – without conventional preservatives
in precious face and body care oils
in wholesome foods for beauty care from within, for health maintenance and regeneration as well as skin rejuvenation.

You will feel and see the intensity and effectiveness on your skin, even after only one treatment.

The highlight of all PHARMOS NATURE treatments is the application of our very special aloe vera fresh plant leaf. Your skin will soak up the moisturising gel completely. The large number of active agents will nourish your cells, repair and regenerate. This can significantly slow down the ageing process. A feeling of youthfulness, freshness and liveliness will flow through your skin.

Pure well-being all around!

100% natural effectiveness

Classic Moisture Treatment

Intense moisture and freshness treatment

The purity and intensity of the special active ingredients derived from medicinal plants will nourish and smooth your skin. The soft exfoliation is an ideal preparation for the soothing and intensely moisturising facial massage and the application of the aloe vera fresh plant leaf.

The freshly prepared mask will ensure a perfect result. Experience and enjoy the richness of nature. Well suited for dehydrated skin and as after-sun treatment.


Choose your treatment time:

  • 30 min. - 39,00 €
    intense moisture for your face
  • 60 min. - 65,00 €
    additional intense moisture for your neck and décolleté
  • 75 min.- 85,00 €
    additional arm & hand massage, foot compresses and shoulder & neck massage

Radiant Eyes

Good for swollen, stressed and tired eyes, mature skin and little wrinkles.

A soft massage with precious oils and medicinal plant products will pamper your eyes, producing a draining and smoothing effect. It will reduce dark circles under your eyes and help prevent facial lines, shadows, and tear sacs.

A regenerative pack with aloe vera fresh plant gel will make your eyes sparkle.


Treatment time:

  • 25 min. - 30,00 €
    intense eye treatment

"Love your Age" Treatment

Pure natural rejuvenating power

Skin-rejuvenating ingredients and intense light energy will tighten your skin in a highly effective way, noticeably reactivate skin renewal, and visibly lead to real radiance and more charisma.

Powerful sources of collagen such as avellana, cranberry, moringa and African black bean enhance the skin’s density and firmness and give a happy feeling. Plumped up and evenly beautiful, your skin will look amazing. Pure well-being all around! After soft cleansing and effective oxygen exfoliation with reishi, enjoy a deeply relaxing massage of the face, neck, nape, arms and hands with special treasures from nature. The final anti-aging power agent face pack will allow you to instantly experience visible rejuvenation with long-lasting effect.


Treatment time:

  • 90 min. - 119,00 €
    treatment of face, neck and nape, décolleté, arms and hands

Balance Treatment

Balancing and regenerating treatment

The basis of this facial treatment is soft cleansing, exfoliation, removal of skin impurities, eyebrow correction, aloe vera fresh leaf application, a mask and finishing treatment (day make-up if you wish). Plant agents with long-lasting nourishing effect will intensely clear your skin and refine its texture. You will feel comfortable in your own skin again.


Treatment time:

  • 60 min. - 65,00 €
    PHARMOS NATURE skin balance

Organic Lifting Facial Treatment

Skin-tightening treatment with fresh plants rich in active substances

Black sesame seeds from the Himalayas contain a unique network of precious active substances. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and lecithin, essential amino acids and complex vitamins will give our skin new impulses for real regeneration.

Lines and little wrinkles will be significantly reduced. Skin in need of regeneration, or loose, tired skin will become more radiant, smoother and tighter again. The feeling of rich abundance and new strength will fuel your entire well-being.


Treatment time:

  • 75 min. - 89,00 €
    treatment of face, neck, décolleté, arm & hand massage, including foot compresses

Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage

Abhyanga the queen of oil massages combined with the Garshan massage (silk glove) gently detoxifies your whole body and leads you to inner peace.


Treatment time:

  • 80 min. - 95,00 €
    with Pharmos Natur "Königsöl"


Everything a man needs - Cell-renewing, regenerating and revitalising

A fresh appearance and new energy for him.

The highlight is the application of a special aloe vera fresh plant leaf.


Choose your treatment time:

  • 30 min. - 45,00 €
    a short freshness boost for your face
  • 60 min. - 69,00 €
    facial treatment; head, neck & shoulder massage – stress and strain will go away
  • 90 min. - 98,00 €
    facial treatment; head, neck & shoulder massage with additional back massage and stretching of the calves and feet, including foot compresses

"Lust for Life" Anti-Stress Treatment

Well suited for stressed souls, sensitive, irritated and exhausted skin, couperosis.

A relaxing treatment for the skin and soul.

The soft but efficient massage, complemented with the highly effective anti-stress serum, will release inner tensions and soothe both the skin and the nervous system.

A final, highly effective face and eye mask will complete your treatment. Rid of the stress of the day, your soul will find time to dream, be able to let go and gain new strength. Troubled, irritated skin will be balanced. Red spots will disappear.


Treatment time:

  • 90 min. - 109,00 €
    treatment of face, neck, décolleté and leg & foot massage

Extra treatments

  • Day make-up: 18,00 €
  • Evening make-up: 25,00 €
  • Eyebrow correction: 10,00 €
  • Eyebrow correction as part of a treatment: 7,00 €
  • Eyebrow tinting as part of a treatment: 9,00 €
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting: 15,00 € / 10,00 €

Massages & Body treatments

Booking of a treatment from 50,00 € includes free use of the sauna.


Fit & Free

Classic massages

Designed to release tensions and to generally strengthen muscles tired from stress, exertion and sport – performed using exquisite natural oils. After the massage, your muscles will feel powerful and relaxed again.

  • Full body massage - 65,00 €
    approx. 50 min.
  • Part body massage - 35,00 €
    approx. 25 min.

Hot Stone Treatment

A holistic energetic treatment using hot lava stones. Tensions will be relieved and your batteries recharged. For extreme well-being. The stones release energy to your body, so that you will feel fully re-energised after the treatment.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 50 min. - 69,00 €

Magic Feeling

Back massage with aromatic oils

A foot bath followed by gentle, flowing treatment of the back, head, arms and hands, performed using wonderfully fragrant oils to relax the body and mind. A treatment that will linger on as if your body is humming.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 35 min. - 39,00 €

Sea salt oil massage

This special massage is both: energizing for your body and gentle to your soul. The gentle rhythmic massage strokes promote blood circulation, are purifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic. A blessing for the body and mind.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 35 min. - 42,00 €

Chill Time – Sheer Relaxation

Full body massage with aromatic oils

This begins with a foot bath to settle you down. Gentle, harmonious massage techniques, complemented with calming plant-based oils, will rebalance your body and soul. Clogged energies become unblocked, inner balance begins to be felt. For deep relaxation after a particularly stressful day. Your entire body will become flooded with a feeling of lightness.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 75 min. - 79,00 €

Hammam Soap Foam Massage

The body care ritual form the Orient

This treatment focuses not only on the cleansing of your body, but also on taking care of your soul and spirit.

Everyday sorrows are just massaged away. Warm soap foam, relaxing massage techniques and a pleasant atmosphere will help you let go. In addition your skin will be pampered with a silk glove exfoliation, water jets and warm oils.


Treatment time:

  • approx. 60 min. - 65,00 €