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Our cooking philosophy:

Our idea of cooking is based on three pillars: seasonal, regional and Bavarian/Mediterranean.
Our menu is changed several times a year.
Sometimes we vary the way of preparation, sometimes the products we use.
So your visit to the ASAM is always a new experience.



Mediterranean appetizer variation with serrano, chorizo, grilled vegetables,
mammoth olives, tomato bruschetta and parmesan A1, A7
11,50 €


Tomato & burrata with fresh basil and balsamico glace A7
11,50 €


Herbed beef carpaccio with grana padano and old balsamico A7
14,50 €



Fine tomato soup with balsamic, fruity olive oil and pesto A8, A12
5,50 €

White sausage

Clear beef broth with white sausage, pretzels and chives A1, A10
5,50 €

Our soups are also available as a smaller portion: 

Soup in a cup
2,90 €


Mountain Cheeseburger

Burger with werdenfelser beef, onions, mountain cheese
and french fries A1, A3, A7, A11
16,50 €

Chili con carne

Chili con carne from bavarian beef with sour cream
and white bread A1, A7, A9
9,50 €

ASAM´s Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich served with chicken, tomato, bacon, fried egg
and fries A1, A3, A7, A9
13,50 €


Linguine Siciliana

Fresh linguine with mediterranean vegetables and parmesan A1, A3, A7
12,50 €

Spinach dumplings

South-tyrolean-spinach-dumplings in tomato sauce with sour cream
and freshly grated parmesan A1, A3, A7
12,50 €


Small mixed salad

Small mixed salad with salad dressing A3, A10, A11 
4,50 €

Salad with broiler chicken

Mixed salad with broiler chicken, nuts, sour cream
and homemade dressing A3, A7, A8, A10
12,50 €

Salad with prawns

Mixed salad with prawns roasted with olive oil, aioli
and homemade dressing A2, A3, A10, A11
17,50 €

Salad with roasted sirloin beef

Mixed salad with roasted sirloin beef, champignons
and homemade dressing A3, A10, A11
18,50 €


Vegetable Curry

Asia vegetables with coconutmilk und rice
12,50 €

Carrot Zucchini Spaghetti

Spicy vegetable spaghetti with fresh parsley, sesame seeds
and a mousse of sprouted mountain lenses A5, A8
12,50 €

Main Dishes

Striped bass

Striped bass fillet from the Straubing fishmonger Stefan Plendl,
with rosemary potatoes, Arrabbiatasauce and grilled pimentos A4, A7
19,50 €

Beef Fillet (200g gross weight)

Grilled tenderloin grilled with herb crust on port wine sauce,
with potato gratin and glazed salsify A7, A12
29,50 €

Braised lamb

Braised lamb in balsamic sauce, bean cassoulet
and mashed potatoes A7
19,50 €

Wiener Schnitzel

Classic Wiener Schnitzel on lukewarm cucumber-potato-salad with cranberries A1, A3
20,50 €

Roast joint

Roast joint made out of beef tenderloin with fried onions, green beans with bacon
and roast potatoes A1, A9
21,50 €


Cheese duet

Tyrolian mountain cheese and Italian Pecorino with grapes and mustard A7, A10, A11
9,50 €


New York Cheesecake

Homemade cheesecake, original new york taste A1, A3, A7
5,50 €

Shredded Pancake

Shredded Pancake with almonds, raisins and applesauce A1, A3, A7
9,00 €

Vanilla ice cream with espresso A7
3,00 €

Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin seed oil A7, A8
2,50 €

Wine recommendations

White wine

Burgenland, Pandorf


Vine: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
34,00 €

Red wine

Würtemberg, Weinsberg


Vine: C.Sauvignon, C.Dorsa, C.Cubin
45,00 €

Allergen labeling

A1: Gluten   A2: Crustaceans   A3: Eggs   A4: Fish   A5: Peanuts  
A6: Soybeans   A7: Milk (lactose)   A8: Nuts   A9: Celery  
A10: Mustard   A11: Mustard seeds   A12: Sulfur dioxide and sulfites  
A13: Lupins   A15: Molluscs